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Magic Stretcher™️

Magic Stretcher™️

Magic Stretcher™️

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Image result for guaranteed safe checkoutThe Magic Back Stretcher is designed to make stretching your back easy, safe, affordable, and enjoyable.
Your body have four natural curvatures of the spine which include two Kyphotic (curves of spine are directed more to the back) curvatures and two Lordotic (curves that are directed toward the front) curvatures. These curves play a major role in unloading our spinal vertebrae from the weight of our body.

Back Massage Spine Stretcher


The weight that our vertebral discs have to carry would actually increase exponentially to 10 times the weight!
A person that has too much Kyphosis has a very rounded posture and forward-leaning shoulders (slouching). This alone puts pressure on the discs to the front. A person with excessive kyphosis may appear with a pitched-forward appearance.
A person with too much Lordosis is what we call a “swayback”. This creates tight hip flexors and tight lower back muscles. Lordosis affects people of all ages and affects the low back. It causes back pain that makes movement difficult and painful. It is crucial to have a correct spine! 

Back Massage Spine Stretcher

As we age, our posture becomes more and more important. Nothing says “old” like rounded shoulders, a shuffling gait and the all too visible signs of gravity’s pull. Slumping isn’t pretty at any age. 
You will find this Back Massage Spine Stretcher very convenient and practical to use as a home treatment for spine problems.
Easy to Use with 3 Adjustable Stretch levels that you can select for your comfort. You can use it while lying on the floor or in bed, and also while sitting on a chair.

Made of high-quality & durable material that you can conveniently bring along wherever you go.


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